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Welcome to my website. This is the place where I post about stuff or so.
From time to time things could be written in italian (my mother language) or english, get your translation tool read, intesi?
I think I am a developer but I'm not sure, I can speak C, C++,C# and Python tho
I know something about Windows 32bit native API and very few of POSIX at the moment
.NET Core is better than .NET Framework for console, otherwise it's Window Forms
Notepad++ still works fine in 2020, I can guarantee.

Small FAQ

Q: Bro, this website looks like shit...
The website is intended to be styled and designed to look as closely possible to 2000's websites, that's the reason behind the color, gifs and so
Q: wtf XHTML
I spent some hours making the website works with IE5, that's why there's XHTML 1.0 and strange stuff in the CSS file

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